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Engagement Etiquette

Deciding to tie your lives is a wonderful and fascinating idea, engagement etiquette offers you the chance to make the announcement memorable and in according to textbook style. Some might be overwhelmed by the joy this important step offers, however family traditions are often shared by the family and friends. This can be done through organizing a party which has all the important parts and elements that are necessary for the announcement as well as the festive atmosphere. Before you would start panicking about the multitude of tasks take a closer look at this brief presentation of engagement etiquette.


In modern times a marriage proposal is not restricted to sexes, places or special dates. Indeed those who would like to do their own way might skip this part. However it seems that there are also people who are eager to pass on the cultural and family traditions. Therefore in order to do this special process according to the classy rules it is important to look through some of the basic phases of asking our partner in a way that the blissful 'YES' is guaranteed. Follow some of the basic guidelines for the 100% success. Besides the romantic atmosphere and the heavenly conditions established by one of the partners it is also a well-known fact that in the case of man asking women script, gents ask the consent of the father to marry their daughter. This is one of the shepherded rituals that is still fueled by millions all over the world. However if the father can't be present for a certain reasons the mother would be just as perfect, the point is in fact the respect offered to parents.

Engagement Ring

After the consent of the parents it's time to flash the ring. Indeed a careful selection should have preceded this great moment. Nowadays engagement rings come in various sizes and designs, from the ultra-refined to the modest and more classic types. There's no need to spend a fortune on thisjewelry if you found the one that best represents the personality of the chosen one as well as fulfills the expectations. Engagement rings are worn by ladies on the left hand and namely the third finger, due to an interesting myth that claims that this is the only spot that has a vein that leads directly to the heart.

Rules referring to the importance of the ring changed through time, people who are not used to wearing a similar accessory can think on a wider scale and choose another symbolic jewelry that is just as representative of the love of the couple as a ring. Whether it is a jewelry watch or a necklace even a body art jewelry the role of it is in fact to symbolize the strong bond and appreciation. Men can also be offered with a similar present namely a precious watch or a bracelet.

Engagement Announcement

Though freedom was granted in the earlier phases the engagement announcement still bares some formality and order. Indeed as it is one of the most important moment in the life of partners as well as their family it is highly recommended and a must to inform first of all the parents of the bride about this special and great step. Furthermore the parents of the groom who more than probably will share the joyous experience with other siblings and close relatives.

One of the 'no-no' moments to announce an engagement is another important moment in the life of a third person. The birthday of a relative or the anniversary of the parents is not the best chance to come up with the big news. Some might appreciate it others would consider it rude to steal the attention from the actual purpose of the party. To avoid any of these unpleasant situations organize your own engagement party.

Some would choose the media as the best means to make this announcement public and accessible to everyone. Several couples choose magazines and the newspaper to spread their joy among the friends and colleagues. Both in the hometown of the couple as well as in other cities where family members of both groom and bride dwell, it is useful to contact the local newspaper in order to offer all the essential details. In general the engagement announcement is done by the parents of the groom. Keeping in mind the reputation and the honor of all relatives and other guests can be done through publishing all the essential details and dates.

Engagement Party

Engagement parties offer the chance for the couple to celebrate their love together with friends and family. However specialists seem to reserve some surprising facts about the etiquette that should dominate a similar event. According to the tradition, engagement parties are organized by the family of the bride. However if the groom is not from the same time another party can be also planned to honor the guests of the other family. Here are some of the basic rules to follow:

  • Don't invite people to your engagement party who won't be invited to the wedding, this would be inappropriate and might hurt the feeling of several people.

  • Gifts should be accepted by don't think about choosing them beforehand and sending your order to the guests. If some of them still will offer you some of these delightful gifts open them only in private and preferably after the party. Later you'll have the chance to send them nice thank you letters.

  • The bride's father raises the glass to congratulate the couple for their engagement. He can prepare a speech or would rely on a spontaneous message addressed to both guests and the celebrated pair. People have their first sip at this time, while the bride-to-be and the groom won't drink just receive the congratulations.

  • When the engagement ring is presented the bride can also offer a memorable gift to her partner be it a special jewelry or another surprise with an emotional load.

  • Planning might indeed ruin the spontaneity and surprise effect of a sudden proposal. However this special moment can still reserve some fabulous and memorable gifts especially for the guests and family who'll pledge with their presence the strong bond between partners.

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